About Us

Medical Transport is the premier commercial EMS agency and ambulance transport service in Virginia, with our home office located in Virginia Beach. Established in 1982, Medical Transport has been delivering quality ambulance transport for the Commonwealth of Virginia for three decades!

We are dedicated to serving our patients with outstanding customer service. With a staff of over 320 qualified professionals Medical Transport is able to provide competent and compassionate care across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Medical Transport is currently providing service through offices in the following areas: Hampton Roads including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Hampton/Newport News/Williamsburg, Western Tidewater. Medical Transport is a modern multi faceted organization with departments operating in support of our emergency and non emergency transport capabilities. These departments include a Vehicle Maintenance Department , Operations Support Department, Quality Assurance Team, Communication Center and an experienced management team.

In 2016 we provided 46,640 transports safely. Our staff works a vast array of schedules to efficiently accommodate the needs of our patients and customers. With a total of 75 ambulances we maintain the largest ambulance fleet in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We provide basic, advanced, and critical care life support units daily to ensure the most appropriate level of care to our patients.

Medical Transport has assembled a communication team, working in a modern computerized Dispatch Center, which allows the most efficient response to our customers’ needs and schedules, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The computer-aided dispatch system enables the ambulance crews to arrive prepared, equipped, and on time. Our services are accessible to individuals and facilities located throughout Virginia and the surrounding states.



Patient Care Guidelines for Advanced Providers