Observer & Ride-Along Opportunities

Medical Transport, LLC. is offering an “Observer Program” to introduce the public to their operations.  This program is specifically targeted towards high school and college students who are interested in the field of medical transport.

Follow the listed steps to sign up:


  • Step 1: Clinical Observer Form-Must be filled out and signed by student or parent. ( Download here ) Please note observer must have updated PPD to participate.
  • Step 2: Observer turns in form to Supervisor (listed on form), and then we can set it up with our scheduling coordinator.
  • Step 3: Observer shows up for shift, and signs Sentara’s Statement of Responsibility and Confidentiality Form.
  • Step 4: Observer Checklist is given to an FTO to fill out during ride-along and then turned in at end of shift with paperwork. The checklist will be kept here on file for future potential applicant.
  • Step 5: Supervisor (may vary, and dependent on what area the applicant served their shift) will follow up with observer for feedback on ride along.