Basic Life Support

BLS level transport is for those patients requiring services such as first aid, oxygen administration, treatment of shock, vital sign monitoring and other routine interventions.

Advanced Life Support

ALS level transportation is for those patients requiring a level of care beyond that of an EMT-Basic during transport. These patients may require manual defibrillation/cardioversion or other ACLS interventions, endotracheal intubation, maintenance of a central venous line, or require medication administration during transport.

Specialty Care Transport

SCT level transportation is for patients who are critically injured or ill. These patient require care beyond that of an ALS patient. These patient typically require multiple medication infusions, mechanical ventilation, or complex medical equipment such as IABPs. They require services at a level beyond the scope of the normally trained Paramedic. SCT is necessary when a patient's condition requires ongoing care that must be furnished by a Registered Nurse and a Critical Care Paramedic with additional training.

Special Event Medical Support

Medical Transport provides support for special events around the Commonwealth including sporting activities, commencement ceremonies and other large gatherings.

Staffing Services

Medical Transport has a long history of providing staff to cover rural areas in case the need arises for supplemental coverage beyond that of the many volunteers in place today. Medical Transport can provide staff on a continuous basis around the clock.

Preventative Fleet Services

Medical Transport can provide vehicle maintenance to other organizations. A well qualified staff of certified mechanics can take care of your facilities needs with attention to detail and the attitude of "getting it done right the first time."

Training and Education

Medical Transport provides on going continuing education to its' current employees, as well as American Heart Association certification classes for BLS/CPR and recertification classes for ACLS and PALS.

For more information about the services we offer please contact us at 1-800-322-34511-800-322-3451.

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